Passes and Fluidified Water

Passes and Fluidified Water

The pass

The word pass has different meanings. Initially it was the name given to the gestures in order to move the energies. Then, considered as a cure activity, it was named as the cure itself.

What is the pass?

It is a donation of fluidic energy from one incarnated to another incarnated, with rl auxiliary spiritual entities that filter that energy and add the complementary properties for the treatment. It is the transfer of fluids from one person to another, through prayer and imposition of hands.

What is fluid?

When we study the pass, we define the fluids as magnetic energy that has the property of exerting influence on the perispirit of the individuals. Energy that is donated by the paschal medium and manipulated by spiritual benefactors.

The perispirit is a very subtle body of matter that envelops and shapes the spirit. And it is in the perispirit that the pass exercises its curative function.

Why do the spirits need mediums to apply the pass?

Because we, as embodied spirits, upon receiving a pass, we need energies similar to ours, originated from another incarnate. The disembodied benefactor spirits do not possess them, therefore, they withdraw those energies from the mediums, mixing them with their own. By manipulating these fluids, they make them suitable for our well-being.

What is the function of the pass?

The pass has the function of rebalancing energetically the perispirit of the patient, producing conditions favorable to the restoration of their physical and mental harmony.

Spiritism teaches us that all ailments have their origin in the spirit, then it is installed in the perispirit, when it finally manifests itself in the physical body. Therefore, the pass, acting in the perispirit, harmonizes its energies, providing an improvement, even a momentary one, in the physical body of the patient.

The real cure of some ailment only becomes possible through an intimate reform of the one who suffers. Only in this way will the causes of the ailments, generated in the spirit, be extinguished.

Intimate reform means renewing ideas and vicious behaviors, changing them by new mental dispositions directed for good. Consequently, the physical cure will only come after an effective moral transformation, based on the Gospel of Jesus.

If the patient is going through some medical treatment, it is necessary to continue following the determinations. Spiritual treatment and medical treatment complement each other. As soon as one takes care of the spirit, the other takes care of the body, which already manifested the ailment caused by the lack of vigilance of the spirit.

Rules for a good use of the pass.

  • Do not ingest alcoholic beverages.
  • No Smoking.
  • Make slight reflections before the pass.
  • While waiting for the pass, keep quiet and in prayer.
  • Separate negative thoughts (hate, revenge, pride, selfishness, anguish, etc).
  • Cultivate humility, hope, courage and Faith.

What is the importance of Faith at the time of the pass?

The absence of faith on the part of the pasista cancels his power to transmit the healing fluids of spiritual mentors to the patient. As also, a patient without Fe does not allow the sending of healthy energies from the pasista.

Therefore, it is necessary to respect and believe in what is being done. It is necessary to have in our hearts the certainty of the commitment of the spiritual world in our favor. This is having Faith at the time of the pass.

Spiritual mentors, counselors of spiritist institutions, form specialized teams to serve the incarnated, where various auxiliary services are developed. One of these services is the magnetic passes, applied by our members.

What are the types of passes?

Magnetic pass: The fluid used is donated basically by the passist himself. There is no participation of spiritual entities.

Spiritual Pass: The donation comes directly from the spirits, the medium being just a channel through which the fluids are transmitted.

Mixed pass: It is more common in our environment. It has the fluid participation of both spirits and mediums.

Fluidified water

What is fluidified water?

It is water magnetized by spiritual and human fluids, made with prayers and imposition of hands. The water must be clean and suitable to be drunk.

Normal water is impregnated with curing fluids, thus containing alterations caused by the healthy fluids placed there for the balance of some physical or spiritual illness.

How water is fluidized?

The water can be fluidified by benefactor spirits when attending our prayers or during the educational meetings or when doing the “Gospel in the home”. It is always necessary that there is an occasion and a suitable place.

The fluidification can also be done by mediums through prayer and the imposition of hands on the water container, leaving its magnetic fluids to act.

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